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The Health Related Boards is excited to announce that beginning after March 9, 2018, the online renewal system will transition to a new system. In addition to renewing your professional license, licensees will be able to submit applications to change addresses, change names, and request duplicate certificates or wall licenses. There are additional improvements that vary depending on your profession. All professions will be asked to update their required practitioner profile as part of the renewal process. Not all transactions require the remittance of a fee, but for those that do, you can still use you debit or credit card, as well an e-check.

In addition to the enhanced renewal application process described above, the Department has added additional initial applications not previously available online as well as the ability to apply to reinstate an existing nursing license that has lapsed or expired. In the future, you can expect to conduct more application processing online as the Department continues to expand and improve the online experience for our professional licensees.


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