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Effective Date for New Rules: Scrap Metal Registration, Scrap Metals Registration 06/12/2018

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Notice of Effective Date for New Rules for
Tennessee Scrap Metal Registration Program

Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. § 4-3-1306(d), you are receiving this notice because you have elected to receive notification by e-mail of certain changes or potential changes to the law applicable to your profession.

These rules were filed by the Tennessee Scrap Metal Registration Program with the Secretary of State on June 7, 2018 and will become effective on September 5, 2018. These rules have been filed as Proposed Rules and will be promulgated without a hearing ninety (90) days from the filing date unless a petition is received by at least ten (10) persons who will be affected by the rule, or submitted by a municipality which will be affected by the amendments, or an association of ten (10) or more members, or any standing committee of the General Assembly.

The proposed rules implement changes made to Title 62, Chapter 9 (Scrap Metal Dealers) by 2017 Tenn. Pub. Ch. 414 in the following ways:

(1) Remove the requirement that each employee of a registered scrap metal dealer must procure a separate registration.

(2) Require scrap metal dealers to provide a list of addresses of all scrap metal businesses located in Tennessee to the Program.

(3) Require that each legally cognizable organization or entity that is a registrant or applicant disclose to the Program if a member of that organization/entity has ever been convicted of a violation of the Tennessee Scrap Metal Registration Program, T.C.A. Title 62, Chapter 9, or convicted of the criminal offense of theft, burglary or vandalism where the offense involves scrap metal.

(4) State that the conviction of a member of an organization/entity that is a registrant or applicant in the Program constitutes a conviction of the organization/entity.

The rules also update the uniform terminology to be more consistent with industry standards.

A full copy of these rules can be viewed online at .  If you have any questions or concerns about these proposed rules, please contact Sarah Mathews, Assistant General Counsel, at (615) 741-3072 or electronically at

Dept. of Commerce & Insurance | 500 James Robertson Pkwy | Nashville, TN 37243-0565
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